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Minimising Changes In Thermocouple Calibration (Drift)

By Pankaj Deval
2 Sep 2017

How to minimise change in thermocouple calibration (drift) and prolong service life of thermocouples?

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Accurate and reliable measurement of process temperature is one of the most important factors determining the success of any heat treatment process. Temperature measurement using thermocouples is undoubtedly the most cost effective, efficient and popular method. Of course other methods such as IR cameras, laser IR sensors, thermal noise thermometers, etc; are available but they are either too expensive or less accurate or less reliable.

Thermocouples need to be calibrated before installation and at periodic intervals during use. Thermocouple calibration changes over time and use. The degree of change in thermocouple calibration (drift) depends upon many factors including circuitry problems, metallurgical changes in the thermocouple wires and the agressiveness of the environment in which the thermocouple operates. Wouldn’t it be great if the thermocouple calibration did not change over a long period of time?

There have been many attempts to find ways and means to minimise the change in thermocouple calibration (drift) over its service life. Recently, I came across an interesting article by Vlad Fedorchak on this subject.

Please click on the following link to read the full article.

3 Factors Affecting Thermocouple Calibration, Advances to Solve Drift

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