Heat Treatment Courses by Mr. David Pye

International Trainer, Consultant & Author

HTcourses.com is pleased to announce intensive courses for heat treatment industry.

Sr. No. Course Name Venue Dates
1 Intensive Course on Nitriding and Ferritic Nitrocarburising Mumbai 8th – 9th Sept, 2017
2 Intensive Course on Vacuum Heat Treatment & Brazing Mumbai 11th – 12th Sept, 2017
3 Intensive Course on Carburising and Carbonitriding Gurugram 13th – 14th Sept, 2017

The courses will be conducted by world renowned author and expert trainer Mr. David Pye.

Mr. David Pye is also available for tailor made, in-house training courses during his visit to India in September 2017. For more details, please call 9029291093

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Brief Introduction of Mr. David Pye

Mr. David Pye has more than 5 decades of hands on experience of working in different capacities in the heat treatment industry. Mr. David Pye is the author of the book ‘Practical Nitriding and Ferritic Nitrocarburising’ which was published by ASM International. Currently he is also writing a book on Carburising and Carbonitriding (yet to be published). He has presented papers in many international conferences, conducted many training courses for ASM International, USA and Metal Treating Institute, USA. He also specialises in gap audits for aerospace accreditation for thermal processing with such organisations as Boeing, Air Bus, Raytheon, and Lockheed Martin & has given consultancy to various aero-space companies including NASA.
Mr. David Pye has visited India on many occasions to conduct training courses which received excellent response. Please watch the self introduction video by Mr. David Pye.

Check out pictures of our earlier training courses

Our earlier training courses on Nitriding and Carburising at Mumbai and Chennai from 2nd to 7th November, 2015 had received excellent response. A total of 136 participants from all over India attended the courses. The participants appreciated the quality of training, especially because they received practical tips and solutions from the trainer Mr. David Pye. Each participant received a certificate personally signed by Mr. David Pye. We received great response and appreciation from the participants for organising such courses.

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Intensive Course on Nitriding & Ferritic Nitrocarburising (Mumbai)

8th – 9th September, 2017
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Intensive Course on Vacuum Heat Treatment & Brazing (Mumbai)

11th – 12th September, 2017
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Intensive Course on Carburising & Carbo – nitriding (Gurugram)

13th – 14th September, 2017
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