Current WorkLaser Science Services (I) Pvt. Ltd
Specialist InLaser Technology and Application


Mr. Anant Deshpande is Sr. Vice president at Laser Science Services (I) Pvt. Ltd and holds a M. Tech degree in Laser Technology and Application from DAVV Indore with collaborative project at RRCAT Indore. For last decade, he has been active in Laser industry and has been aggressively promoting Laser And Laser based system solutions for demanding and innovative applications for Industrial Process. His focus includes providing Fiber and High Power Diode Laser solutions for formidable challenges faced by Industry. The fields of applications include Micro fabrication, surface processing (Cladding & Hardening, heat treatment ) and welding . Believing in sharing the experience and knowledge, he has been delivering the talk at various conferences including LWOP India ASM Heat Treatment conference Ahmedabad , HT&SE Chennai ,SSPC surface protection conferences Pune, NIT Surtkal and MNIT Allahabad and so on