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5 Powerful Reasons Why Every Heat Treater Needs Training

Blog by Pankaj Deval
7 Mar 2017

5 Powerful Reasons Why Every Heat Treater Needs Training

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Every professional needs continuous training. Heat treaters are no exception! You may be an experienced heat treater or you may be a fresher with no experience, YOU NEED TRAINING!

Here are 5 powerful reasons why every heat treater needs training regardless of his qualifications and experience.

1. Know the fundamentals

Many experienced heat treaters, have never taken any formal training in metallurgy or heat treatment. Everything they know about heat treatment today, has been either learned from their seniors or by individual experience. However, most lack basic knowledge of the fundamental principles and concepts of heat treatment. Consequently, whenever they have a problem to solve, improve a process or adjust results as per the demands of the market, they have no option but to resort to trial and error method. This method is almost always costly and time consuming. Learning the fundamentals of the specific heat treatment processes will certainly help them in such situations and hence be more effective at their jobs.


2. Refresh / update knowledge

Experienced heat treaters who have formal training in metallurgy and heat treatment also need training. Training helps to refresh their knowledge as well as get updated about latest developments in technology which may have taken place after the heat treatment professional has graduated.

3. Learn new processes

The technology is changing continuously and new processes are being introduced at a rapid pace. Training is the only way to stay updated about the fundamentals of new technologies and processes.


4. Solve day-to-day problems

There is hardly any heat treater who can honestly claim that he never faces any problem. There may be rework or rejections taking place due to unsatisfactory metallurgical results. Since, heat treatment is a very complex process which has many variables, it might get confusing to pinpoint the root cause of the problem being faced. Training can provide him valuable clues to investigate the root cause/s and solve the problem.


5. Get certified

Training courses which come with course completion certificate which is issued by a reputed institute or organization or an expert trainer can add value to one’s profile and can enhance his career opportunities.

To conclude, there is no excuse for the heat treaters to ignore their training needs. Take action today! Say YES to training on htcourses.com !

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